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  Links Resources for the Audiophile
Meggamaxx Marietta Meggamaxx.com is your one-stop solution for all your mobile aftermarket needs.
1. Car Audio  
2. Audio Asylum  
3. Popular Science Magazine Your ultimate online portal to the future. Reporting on what's new and what's next in technology, science, gadgets, space, green tech and ...
4. Stereophile Magazine What is the least amount you have spent on an audio component that produced .... Hate stacks of magazines in your basement? Digital Stereophile is for you. ...
5. Home Theater Magazine What's the best format to use to rip music for high-quality audio? ... Can I use HDMI for audio and composite video at the same time? ...
6. DIY Audio Community dedicated to helping everyone learn the art of audio. Projects by fanatics, for fanatics!
7. BD Designs Loudspeaker design company based in the Netherlands
8. Acapella Handmade loudspeaker design company based in Germany.
9. Avantgarde Denmark based loudspeakers design company.
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