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A brief history of the Tractrix Horn   | Full Range vs. 3 Way | (Download Article)

The earliest account of the Tractrix curve was introduced by Claude Perrault ( best remembered by his brother Charles Perrault , author of "Cinderella and Puss-in -Boots". Claude would place a pocket watch on the table and pull the chain across the edge of the table and ask " what is the shape of the curve traced out by the watch"? The watch follows the path of least resistance.

The first known solution to this question was given by Christian Huygen , a Dutch Mathematician , who developed the mathematical formula and named the Tractrix. Latin Tractus which means something that is dragged or pulled.

235 years later in 1927 Paul Voigt patented the use of a Tractrix curve in a horn speaker. Because the curve follows the path of least resistance it offers the least amount of reflections possible in the horn. This means that it doesn't have the nasal honky sound typical of most horn speakers.

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